Singtrix® Microphone
Singtrix® Microphone
Singtrix® Microphone
Singtrix® Microphone

Singtrix® Microphone

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Supercharge your next Singtrix® party with a duet and add a second mic to the fun. It can work as the lead or a backup mic. The "HIT" effect can instantly transform your voice into a 4-part vocal harmony supergroup.

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  • Includes Singtrix® Microphone & Detachable Mic Cable
  • Built-In “HIT” Button Controls Effects
  • Professional-Quality, Weighted & Perfectly Balanced
  • Tuned for the Singtrix® Studio
  • Ultra-Sensitive and Responsive
  • Use up to (2) Mics with the Studio – one lead, one backup

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From the creators of Guitar Hero® comes the mic karaoke lovers have been waiting for. Possibly the best karaoke microphone in the industry, the Singtrix® karaoke mic is much more than just a microphone; it’s an ultra-sensitive, ultra-responsive autotune microphone with built-in “HIT” button controls that will transform your voice. Whether you’re hosting a party, looking to liven up a Wednesday night or you’re in the studio recording an album, the Singtrix® microphone is ready to deliver.

Improve Your Singing Skills While Having Fun

Professional-Quality Karaoke Microphone


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